Special Situations

Measure for Proper Alignment and Hardware.

1. After removing existing gutters, inspect and repair (if- necessary) any section of your fascia board that had soft spots, rot, etc. Any needed adapters should be pre-assembled with aluminum sheet metal screws provided. Do not over-tighten.

unusualinstallation22A. If your roof’s drip edge extends more than 2 1/2″ from the fascia board, use one Horizontal Adapter for every inch greater than the recommended 2″. A maximum of three (two in heavy ice areas) Horizontal Adapters may be used. See Figure 2a.

2B. If your roof’s drip edge is less than 1 1/2″, use Drip Edge Extender. Screws into fascia board. We provide 5 aluminum screws per five-foot section. A bead of caulking is recommended for joint between the roof edge and Drip Edge Extender. See Figure 2B.