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The homeowner or resident will never again have to get a ladder, place it in position again and again, climb up and climb down again and again, many times to a second story or even third story location, to clean leaves, pine needles and other debris from gutters.

Each year there are over 200,000 ladder accidents, MANY OF THEM FATAL! Dick Schapker, the MIT Engineer who invented RAINHANDLER did so because he had a ladder accident while cleaning his old-fashioned gutters. The product he produced is highly engineered, taking full advantage of the science of hydrodynamics and the laws of physics to produce RAINHANDLER, a unique patented system which eliminates the hazards of gutter cleaning forever. Debris rarely lodges in RAINHANDLER, and if it does it can be easily flushed out from ground level with a garden hose. The Rainhandler Plus, granted 3 additional patents, is 20% stronger and delivers 30% more dispersion than Dick’s original Rainhandler.

Studies indicate that homeowners pay $75 to have their gutters cleaned and have it done once or twice per year. If they do it themselves they contribute the equivalent amount of labor and run the risk of serious, permanent personal injury.

Executives of a large national installation contractor report that they have removed complete gutter installations although the gutter system was still in working condition, because the homeowners were sick and tired of constantly cleaning out these gutters.


This is the single biggest problem for the millions of homes which have no gutters or where gutters are clogged most of the time. Ground erosion (the “cut line”) is unsightly at best and at worst can undermine the foundation causing structural damage, and undermine or erode walkways and driveways creating safety hazards.

Furthermore, in quick and torrential rains, a gutter will overload and cause trenching, even if it is not clogged which it usually is. On the other hand, the harder it rains, the better RAINHANDLER works. In a one-inch per hour deluge, RAINHANDLER will deliver a four-foot wide swath of droplets to the shrubs and lawn beyond the eaves. The RAINHANDLER eliminates trenching problems forever, since it will NEVER CLOG and it will NEVER OVERLOAD.


Hundreds of years ago, people collected rainwater in a gutter and directed it to a central location, usually a cistern, to use it for drinking and bathing. Today, this is still done in drought-stricken areas and on islands which have no ground water. In the rest of the world, there is absolutely no reason to bring roof runoff water to one or two locations (downspouts) and then to an expensive dry well or to the local storm sewer system.

Rainhandler is a green product, and has been listed as and Architect’s reference site. It is the “natural” gutter as it takes the raindrops which hit your roof and “naturally” converts the runoff to gently rain sized drops and spreads them away from your home. No gutter can do do that

RAINHANDLER takes water from the roof area and disperses it to the ground in a swath two to four feet wide on the plants and lawn surrounding the home. In the water-short environment facing the United States, especially the Southwest, with significant restrictions on lawn watering in many areas, RAINHANDLER delivers a huge bonus to the homeowner or resident. Old-style gutters deliver the beneficial roof rainwater to less than 10% of the average lawn. The typical home without gutters or RAINHANDLER loses a significant portion of the benefit of roof rainwater. RAINHANDLER delivers up to 100% of the beneficial roof rainwater to the property, and allows much of it to be absorbed before entering the storm sewer system.

Another ecological benefit is that RAINHANDLER cannot create standing water. A clogged or improperly installed gutter provides breeding locations for West Nile Carrying mosquitoes and other insects. We get frequent reports of wasp and harnet nests in a gutter fitted with some type of cover

In addition, the standing water and leaf debris create acidic conditions which will corrode even aluminum gutters.

Communities are becoming concerned about the runoff from private residences. In many communities, residents are PROHIBITED BY LAW from directing their roof runoff to the city storm drains. Because many storm drain systems and sewers are common, during heavy rains, the treatment system becomes overloaded and raw sewage is discharged to Oceans, lakes and streams. This system exists in New York and hundreds of other U.S. cities. Perhaps you have heard of the concern about “Black Rise” in the Trinity River in Dallas, which comes from storm drain contamination. The environmental clock continues to tick.


Aesthetically, RAINHANDLER is virtually invisible on the average home, with no ugly downspouts or leaders. The environmental impact on the architectural beauty of a home equipped with RAINHANDLER should not be underestimated. The lines of the same residence equipped with RAINHANDLER instead of old style guttering can be so enhanced as to improve resale value. Consider the fact than many builders of million dollar and up homes will not put gutters on the home until AFTER IT IS SOLD. One of the reasons is improved aesthetics and sales potential.

RAINHANDLER has been specified by leading architects for custom homes from Greenwich, Connecticut to Newport Beach, California, and even to Nagoya, Japan RAINHANDLER is the premium product and yet it saves the homeowner money in erosion prevention, water conservation, the cost and hazard of gutter cleaning, and enhancement of property resale value.


(In most of these cases, a combination of Rainhandler and a gutter is the best choice)

Where three sloping roofs come together in a tight area on either side of the front door (U-shaped home), you probably need guttering ON THE FRONT SIDE OF THE HOME ONLY. Rainhandlers are perfect for the back side of such a home and since the drip edge is about twice as long on the back side of such a home YOU WILL CUT YOUR GUTTER CLEANING BY 65% OR MORE. Barrel tile roofs require special adaptation and some metal roofs may also require it. Where most of the water coming off your roof is coming down one or more valleys, you have a design problem neither gutters nor Rainhandler can completely solve, but Roof Valley Rain Diverters can help significantly. Also, roofs without a soffit (no overhang beyond the vertical wall of the home) require use of our Drip Edge Extenders and Horizontal Adapters for best performance, but that’s about it. In all other situations, RAINHANDLER is the superior choice.


RAINHANDLER should be mounted on the eaves of second story roofs discharging onto the first story roof and on the eaves of dormers. The torrential deluges falling from upper roofs and dormers to the main roof will eventually cut the shingles, reducing the life of an expensive roof by as much as 20% or more.


RAINHANDLER DOORBRELLAS sell well above the rate that would be generated by RAINHANDLER installations alone. There are several reasons for this. Homeowners are buying DOORBRELLAS to protect doorways and other openings, even when they are not ready to invest in protection for the entire home. A DOORBRELLA and a few RAINHANDLER sections on either side can be a great help for the homeowner who is not ready to do his complete home. Homeowners with skylights have found that a DOORBRELLA above each skylight is cheap insurance against the rain leak-in that frequently develops at skylights, and a DOORBRELLA above your central air unit next to the home is cheap insurance.


MILLIONS OF FEET OF RAINHANDLER SECTIONS have been installed in all fifty states and in foreign countries. They have been tested and approved for dispersion, for strength and for corrosion resistance by independent testing laboratories, and a leading consumer magazine reviewed RAINHANDLER FAVORABLY TWICE! Why usean old fashioned gutter when the modern, natural Rainhandler gutter does a better job with no gutter maintenance headaches?

With over 27 years in the marketplace, warranty claims against the 25 year Warranty have been virtually non-existent. Winter damage is so rare that we replace any sections free of charge, so you can install your system and forget about maintenance of any kind for 25 years or more, and gain all the benefits outlined herein.