Gutters Comparison

Gutter vs. Rainhandler


Roof rain collects in box-shaped gutters attached to roof; water drains off through downspouts attached to front of building.

Downspouts and leaders typically deposit all roof water in a few locations, close to the home.


RainhandleR attaches to bottom of fascia board about six inches or more below roof; no downspouts. Roof rain hits Rainhandler disperser consisting of seven 3/4-inch aluminum louvers.

Roof rain breaks into droplets, dispersing over a three foot band, uniformly spread around the home.


Overflowing gutters and downspouts cause trenching and erosion. Clog with debris such as leaves; clean-out of all gutters and downspouts to remove leaves and debris up to six times per year. Choke with ice in winter.

Annual maintenance to fix leaks, seal joints, replace corroded parts, re-set brackets.

Clogging results in overflow, causing mildew and rot of fascia board, black stains on front of gutters. Ice dams cause water leakage into attic and first floor ceiling.


Never overflow, no trenching.  Will not clog, will not ice-up; clean easily with a garden hose. No climbing required. Each 5-ft. section will hold 80-plus pounds.

Maintenance free.

25-year warranty.

No clogging – no damage to fascia board, or other parts of home. Cannot cause ice dams.

Warranted against winter damage to Rainhandler.


Stagnant water pools in clogged or
improperly sloped gutters create breeding grounds for insects.Collect beneficial rain water and saturate only small areas of lawn.


Up to 100% of beneficial rain water is delivered to lawn and shrubs. Greatly reduces problem of overloading city storm drain systems with roof run-off.


At best, cumbersome, detract from look of house; gutters in need of repair can be an eyesore.Custom builders never add gutters until after home is sold.


Nearly invisible, does not detract from architectural integrity. Complements any architectural style. Added resale value.

More than 50% of buyers seek professional installation. Complicated equipment needed form forming and installation. DIY requires 26 separate parts for complete system.
Easier to install. Brackets are mounted to fascia board; Rainhandler snaps in, and locks easily. in place. Light weight Rainhandlers easy to cut if needed. Only 3 parts Rainhandler, Brackets + screws.

Owner installed:
An average home with 100 linear
feet of gutter home costs $419
for aluminum, $485 for plastic gutters (material only), screws and hardware needed. Installation/labor value, add approx. $120.Custom installation on a 3,000 sq. ft. home with 200ft of gutter and gutter protection is about $1,500-2,400.

Annual maintenance
and repair costs of $100 to $300, or more.


Owner installed:
An average home with 100 ft of gutter costs $360 (material only).
Installation/labor value add approx. $200. RainhandleR is parity priced with quality guttering.

Custom installation on a home with 200 linear ft of Rainhandler is about $1200 to $1600. No maintenance or repair costs.

RainhandleR is clearly a better value.